A staple ingredient for vegetarian healthy and ethnic cooking.
Vegan and Gluten Free

Tofu has been a staple ingredient in Far Eastern diets for hundreds of years. It has provided the vital protein and amino acids in those diets. Since it was first introduced into the UK Tofu has become an almost essential part of vegetarian diets as it can be cooked in so many different ways. 

The current interest in ethnic recipes and the many recent food scares have made Tofu an invaluable meat alternative. Tofu is made from Soya milk which has been coagulated to form a natural bean curd and can be cut into cubes or sliced for inclusion in a host of different recipes. It is a very versatile vegetable protein and has the ability to absorb whatever flavouring it is mixed with. It is naturally low in fat, contains no cholesterol is high in calcium and contains no artificial additives.

Oasis Tofu is vacuum packed and attractively labelled and all have the' considerable advantage of a long shelf life. Minimum 5 weeks.

Oasis Tofu is produced in four different varieties:

Oasis Natural Tofu 227g.
Natural Tofu can be used in soups, casseroles, stir fries or salads. It can be used in sweet or savoury dishes.
Cooking Suggestion: Chop and marinate or coat in a flavoured batter before deep fat frying.

Oasis Oak Smoked Tofu 200g.
Oak Smoked Tofu has been smoked the' old fashioned' way to give a delightful deep and smoky colour and taste. It has a firmer texture than Natural and can be used wherever that 'extra' flavour is required.

Oasis Tofu with Mixed Herbs 227g.
The mixed herbs provide a delicious aroma and taste plus the visual impact makes this Tofu ideal for a recipe lacking that certain something. Makes a most attractive and tasty addition to salads and stir fries.
Oasis Marinated and Deep-Fried Tofu 200g.
Marinate includes Tamari and Ginger, making the resultant Tofu even more convenient for use and ideal for use in many different dishes 

- one of our more popular varieties

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